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The founder of Bonevi Bee Farm - Georgi Bonev proudly presents the certificate of organic origin for...


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Congratulations on your first harvest for 2012!!!



Congratulations on your first honey harvest for 2012 to all beekeepers!!! You can see some unique ph...



Bonevi Bee Farm - Production of certified organic bee products

Our bee products have the EU certificate of organic origin and they are some of the highest quality products in Bulgaria and whole Europe.


Bee products

People keep bees mainly because of the unique products they provide - honey, wax, pollen, royal jelly, propolis, and bee venom. Bee products have valuable biological, nutritious, prophylactic, medicative, cosmetic, and conservating qualities therefore they can be widely applied in different fields of human activity.
These products can be classified by their different properties.
Regarding to their origin they fall into two groups. In the first group there are honey, pollen, and propolis. They are extracted from natural sources and bees process them to produce the final product. The second group includes wax, royal jelly, and bee venom which bees secrete from their special glands.
Depending on their composition, properties, and use they can also be devided into two groups - products with nutrative value and without nutrative value.
In the first group honey, pollen and royal jelly serve as food for bees and their larves and provide the food components (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamines, minerals, etc.) needed for their development and vital activities.
Bee honey contains mainly carbohydrates whereas pollen and royal jelly contain the other food components.
In the second group there are wax, propolis, and bee venom which possess no food values but have some other important functions and as the first group of bee products without them the bee hive cannot exist.


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